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Stoat Released Back into Wild

30 Jul 2010

This young man was found clutching to a portacabin and probably separated from his mother when it was moved. We have hand reared him on special milk formula before introducing him to raw meat.

Gloria Released at Bird Sanctuary

30 Jul 2010

Gloria came to us from a member of the public when she was found wandering on Ikea car park.  She was loved by all of our visitors at our sanctuary and will be missed.

Katy Rehomed July 10

27 Jul 2010

Age : 1-2 years Breed : Lionhead Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: July 09 Katy is a lovely rabbit, used and abused by a breeder. Katy likes a good fuss and in time would get used to being handled.  Katy likes her hutch and bed to be just so – she gets very disgruntled by anyone […]

Meet Teddy the Ram

27 Jul 2010

Teddy is two years old, he is a ram and lived at Brittain Pit Farm, but when it was forced to close, all of the animals had to be rehomed.

Eric Rehomed July 2010

26 Jul 2010

Age : Approx 2yr Breed : Lionhead Bonded : Yes with Ivor Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: May 09

Female Kitten rehomed 26-7-10

26 Jul 2010

Hand Rearing baby Swifts – Updated 1 August 2010

25 Jul 2010

These two guys were found orphaned, a member of the public was doing a great job in hand rearing them and feeding them with the right food, this is often not the case. If you find an orphaned wild animal, keep it warm, dry and quiet, do not attempt to force feed it or give it […]

Battery Hen Rescue

24 Jul 2010

This week we have rescued another 85 battery hens, after a  short life of only 18 months, they were destined to become pet food.  Battery hens soon recover and make great pets. These girls have finally ventured out and seen daylight and experienced space for the very first time in their lives.

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