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Sam Rehomed 24 July 09

24 Jul 2009

Sam had a very long road to recovery.  He came to us in such a mess and had to have emergency surgery.  The poor boy had extensive wounds to his bottom and it had become quite infected.  We are amazed at what a grand recovery this little fella made and so pleased that he  found […]

Lulu Rehomed 22 July 09

22 Jul 2009

Lulu was brought to us after being rescued from a breeder.  She had a poorly eye that was infected and was untreated.  She has now made a full recovery and has a young friend called Smokey (also from us!!!).  Lulu has `helicopter’ ears, one up, the other down and went to a fabulous home with other […]

Three Goats rehomed 22 July 09

22 Jul 2009

  Bill and his two daughters,  now called Albert, Tinkerbell and Annabel now have a great home in Stoke where they have a massive field and lambs and chickens as friends.

Storm the unwanted Goat

19 Jul 2009

Storm is so cute, lovable and very friendly yet unwanted, why, because he is male. Male goats are the unwanted byproduct of the milk industry because unlike the females, males don’t produce milk. Many end up in the meat or pet food industry.

Time to say goodbye to the ducks

16 Jul 2009

Back in June you may have read about these little dears, they were abandoned and all on their own. Their mother went missing for several days and so we took them on.

Percy Rehomed 17 October 09

15 Jul 2009

Age : 1 year Breed : Short haired Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued 1/2/08 Percy is quite a timid little lad. He came from an animal hoarder and was being kept in a cellar. He is a sweet boy, he has been with us for sometime now but we don’t know why he gets passed […]

Joey Rehomed 15 July 09

15 Jul 2009

Age : 6 months Breed : Honey lop Bonded : Yes Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: Jan 09 Unfortunately Joey, even though he is still young himself is the father of some baby rabbits. He came in with ‘Fluffy’ his wife and both were unneutered.  Fluffy has had 3 babies and we are waiting until these are […]

Lottie – The Abandoned Cat

13 Jul 2009

Lottie, this beautiful and loving cat , was brought to us by a friend of the charity after being found dumped at the side of a road. She has recently given birth to kittens before she arrived which is probably why she was dumped. Although we don’t usually take in cats, she desperately needed some where to stay until a […]

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