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Rehomed 3 Cockatiels 29 May 09

29 May 2009

This lovely trio came from an old lady who could no longer look after them. They had spent their entire life cooped up in small cages. When we first let them into a larger area, they were frightened of the space. They have since settled in and now have a large aviary to live in.

13 Budgies Rehomed 29 May 09

29 May 2009

Today we rehomed 13 budgies, these came to us in a very neglected state, many were starving to death and several died within a few days of rescue. Thankfully we have found a home where they now live in a huge aviary, a far better home than from where they were rescued.

Chipmunk – Rehomed

29 May 2009

Age : 1 year Breed : Netherland dwarf Bonded : Yes with Daisy Neutered/Spayed: Yes Rescued: April 09 Chipmunk has dental problems and therefore needs regular dental work.  He can only go to a home where someone is prepared to keep a check on his high maintenance dental issues. Chipmunk needs his front teeth trimming every 2-3 weeks and […]

Ant & Dec Rehomed 25 May 09

25 May 2009

These two cute guys were rehomed today and subsequently received the names Ant & Dec.

Injured Mallard Drake

25 May 2009

This drake was hit by a car and received injuries to his legs, beak, head and body. The main injuries are to the left leg and therefore he cannot stand.

Fran & Frankie Rehomed 24 May 09

24 May 2009

Fran and Frankie have been in rescue centres for most of their lives, in fact the past two years. We took them on a few months ago and thankfully we have found them a great new home with a huge cage with attached run.

Maureen Rehomed 24 May 09

24 May 2009

The last female baby has today been rehomed, Maureen has now been homed with Neapolitan and Rosie to make a happy trio.

Olly Rehomed 16 May 09

16 May 2009

Olly has been rehomed by a nurse at our Vets, Lawrences’ Vets in Eastwood.

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