Kittens, Kittens, Kittens !!! ALL NOW REHOMED


These kittens were dumped at the side of the road in Watnall.  A female cat sat petrified with her 3 kittens on the grass verge as cars whizzed past.  What lucky kittens they are that their mother stayed with them and that someone found them all.

As a charity we do not take on cats but sadly some people choose to breed cats and then expect us to pick up the pieces when they are unable to find them homes.  We currently have 2 adorable female cats and 7 kittens that are looking for a loving home.

IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO NEUTER YOUR PET THEN DON’T GET A PET!! That is our simple solution.  So many people pick up a kitten that is ‘free to a good home’ and in a few months time forget that the cat has the ability to breed.  There is absolutely no excuse to bring unwanted animals in the world.  Rescue centres are brimming over with animals that are desperately looking for homes.

Unlike adverts you see saying ‘kittens for sale’  we make sure our kittens are vaccinated, wormed, deflead and combi tested for feline viruses.  We also make sure that new owners neuter their pets as soon as possible (if not already carried out by us, the mother cats will be neutered by us).  We do not make any money on rehoming our animals.  We also carry out home checks for all of our animals to make sure they are going to responsible owners.

The problem with unwanted animals is at crisis point.  HEALTHY ANIMALS ARE BEING PUT TO SLEEP EVERY SINGLE DAY because there are not enough homes for all the animals needing homes.  PLEASE STOP BREEDING ANIMALS.


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