When Pigs Escape

Have you bought tickets yest to see When Pigs Escape? The amazing documentary about Matilda who escaped a farm to save her babies and the massive efforts we took to rescue her, they are all now safe at Surge Sanctuary. Now see the story, Tickets only £10 Saturday 6 August https://www.boningtontheatre.co.uk/whatson/event/when-pigs-escape–qa.php?fbclid=IwAR1YFNCorw4gExP0nNtyP-P1zLUHFkxag-yU_YxkkxQoNZ43jH2IVXzk5n8

Cow and Calf Rescue

We have this afternoon added Dee and her daughter Macy to one of our two rescue cow herds. Macy and Dee are rescued dairy cows. Dee is extremely lucky firstly to have been rescued and not sent for slaughter after no longer being commercially viable, but also very lucky to have kept her calf. Macy…