Mallard Duckling

Posted by Jon in Rescued, Wild Birds on Sunday 29/04/2012 18:18 +01:00.

This young mallard duckling has been with us for a week now and doing well. The duckling was found on its own, with no parents around or any other ducklings.

It can be quite difficult to rear single ducklings as they can become quite stressed and withdrawn on their own, constantly crying for their parents, fortunately this chap has done well and is now out of danger.

Initially we had to tube feed him, and put him with a feather duster for comfort in a warm incubator.  It’s over a week now, and he’s eating himself and bathing in his water bowl.



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2 responses to “Mallard Duckling”

  1. Ducksarewonderful says:

    HI. At what point will the duckling be introduced to swimming in water; and when will it be re-homed with with other ducks? Thanks.

  2. Jon Info says:

    Ducklings can swim from only a few days old. He/she is already getting into their water to preen. We won’t thou put him/her into a pond until large enough to defend themselves and ready to be released. 

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