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Ludo Rehomed 28 March 09

28 Mar 2009

Ludo was a lovely lad.  He came in as a stray and his owners came forward but then never came to pick him up, possibly because we told them that their pet needed neutering and vaccinating.  Fortunately Ludo was adopted by a couple who foster small animals for another charity.  He was bonded with Tessie […]

Tessie Rehomed 28 March 09

22 Mar 2009

Tessie was bonded with Ludo

Ducks Rehomed 22 March 09

22 Mar 2009

We rescued Dominic a few weeks ago, within a week three more ducks came to us, they all made great friends and thankfully have all been rehomed together.  They have a great little brook where they can paddle happily together.  

Brillo – Rehomed 19 March

19 Mar 2009

Brillo was such a sweet little pig but completely unhandled even though he came in a just over 4 years old.  He was a sweet little Rex boy.  We tried to pair him up with several male piggies as we felt he was too old to castrate but naughty Brillo just beat all potential friends […]

A Trio of gerbils Rehomed 15 March 09

17 Mar 2009

This mischevious trio of gerbils lived in our office for a few months and kept us entertained.  On Sunday, one of our volunteers fell in love with the little fellas and so they made their way to a new home. We miss them already but do have more that need new homes!  

Mrs Brown Rehomed 13 March 09

17 Mar 2009

Mrs Brown (so called because she found a home with a Mr Brown) was a lovely placid rabbit.  After a quick bit of dating they appear to be a lovely bonded couple who will spend lots of time binkying round an enclosed garden.  Here is a photo of the beautiful couple:

Percy and 6 Girls Rehomed 10 Feb 09

10 Mar 2009

It can be quite difficult rehoming cockerels, so we were really happy to find a great home for Percy, he has been rehomed along with 6 ex-battery hens. We miss this little chap all ready.  He used to strut round the place as if he was 10 ft tall and not the little bantam he […]

Elsie Rehomed 8 March 09

08 Mar 2009

Elsie could be a bit grumpy and so was here for quite a while.  She has now gone to live in THE most amazing place with a bespoke huge hutch and run.  The lucky little girl now also has a husbun called Harry – they make a fantastic couple.  We await photos and updates!

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