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Rex Boys – Rehomed 15th November

21 Nov 2008

These beautiful boys didn’t even make it onto Rabbit Rehome or our own website as they were snapped up straight away.  The Rex velvety fur is so amazing but care for the rexes is very important as they can easily get sore feet due to their short fur.  These boys found a great home with […]

Baby Dwarfs – Rehomed 1 November

08 Nov 2008

The new owners of these little treasures is over the moon and very happy.  We are so pleased that all 4 of these young boys went to a very special home and remained together.  The little white rabbit in the picture was orphaned  at only a few days old when her mother died.  Fortunately the Netherland Dwarf ‘Primrose’ came […]

Paisley – Rehomed 7 November

07 Nov 2008

Paisley is a confident young lad and has been paired up with dear Hickory who had been here for so long.  They have gone to great new home together.

Hickory – Rehomed 7 November

04 Nov 2008

This beautiful harlequin Hickory is such a lovely girl who has been paired up with a new boyfriend and she now has a new home to share with him.

Primrose (now Mistykins) – Rehomed 1 November

01 Nov 2008

This gorgeous little girl was soon snapped up, she went to a home in Watford to live as a house rabbit, with another small rabbit called Teddykins.  Primrose was such a special rabbit as she managed to be a surrogate mum to a very young orphaned kit. We could of rehomed Primrose a million times […]

Charles – Rehomed 1 November

01 Nov 2008

It’s not very often that we manage to rehome cockerels, so we were happy yet sad to see this beautiful boy go off to his new home, along with 9 ex-battery hens to enjoy.

William – Rehomed 26 October

27 Oct 2008

William had been with us for over a year now, it can be very difficult to rehome cockerels so we were delighted that this young man found a great new home with loads of hens to keep him occupied.

Rosie Rehomed 14 October

14 Oct 2008

Rosie was going to be ‘necked’ by her previous owners violent partner. Thank goodness we got to her. She has hopefully got a new husbun called Ralphie and a great home. Rosie was a beautiful little girl who needed a special home.

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