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Great Open Day

30 Apr 2018

Thank You to everyone who has supported our Spring Open Day. Thanks a million to all of our dedicated volunteers, to our generous donors and supporters and the 600+ visitors who braved the cold and the black clouds and joined us today. We have raised £3,790.85, THANK YOU, this is amazing. We hoped you enjoyed […]

Equine Connection Training Day – 20 May

26 Apr 2018

We rescue wild and unhandleable ponies. Each one needs to be trained so they can be handled and eventually re-homed. They need to be trained so that we can give them care and treatment. We use positive connection training techniques. We are holding a training day on 20 May, where you can learn all about […]

Meet Benson

25 Apr 2018

Meet Benson the lucky lamb. We were contacted by a number of concerned people who had seen a post on Facebook, by a person trying to give up a lamb. We agreed to take him on. Benson as he is now know, is doing well, despite initially being reared on pasteurised cows milk, totally unsuitable. […]

Meet Harold

07 Apr 2018

Harold was dumped in a field and left to fend for himself. We were called by the land owner. Harold isn’t in fantastic shape and he has certainly been neglected. His hooves were very overgrown, his coat mattered and he has mites. Once he arrived, we trimmed his hooves to stop foot rot, trimmed his […]