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The boys go to their new home

28 Apr 2013

Today we were sad to say goodbye to our three male goats, yet very happy that they have gone to a great new home. Godfrey is over 10 whilst Curly Top and Tufty are only two. They have been with us for a few months, Godfrey over a year. In their new home they have several acres, loads of lovey grass, […]

Pair of Book Ends

27 Apr 2013

At the sanctuary we receive calls at all times of day and night, not easy when we also work for a living, sometimes when we return home the voice mail is full and we have to prioritise the return calls. Last night we took two calls around midnight, one was for these two beautiful Doves. A member of the public found these two birds just […]

Geraldine Rehomed

04 Apr 2013

Today we re-homed Geraldine to a great new home, one she really deserves. A few weeks ago we received a call about a loose goat, which had been seen in a hedge bottom alongside a road for a couple of weeks. The worried caller said that the poor goat wasn’t in great shape and was very thin. He had managed to trace the […]