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Peter Rabbit Rehomed 27 Dec 09

27 Dec 2009

Peter came to us with a Guinea Pig companion. Rabbits and guinea Pigs should not be kept together, so unfortunately they had to be separated. Peter now has two girlfriends, living in a summer house with a cat flap access to a patio where he can run around and get all of the exercise that […]

Give a bunny a home

20 Dec 2009

Unfortunately at this time of year rabbits and pets get such a raw deal.  Many people simply want to get rid of their childrens animals just before Christmas to make way for the new toys.

Battery Hen Rescue

19 Dec 2009

We have rescued 80 ex-battery chickens this week, taking our total for the year to over 400. These poor girls live an awful life, in extremely cramped cages, each hen has no more space than an A4 piece of paper. The flock is usually sent for slaughter at 12 to 18 months and replaced with new […]

Buzzard on the Mend

17 Dec 2009

We don’t often rescue birds of prey, but when we do we are amazed by their beauty. This guy we believe has been handled and kept in a very small cage where he could not fly. Therefore he has little muscle tone and cannot currently be released into the wild.

Huge thank you!

17 Dec 2009

We just want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone that helped out and supported our first open day on Sunday. We are so, so grateful to so many people.  We raised nearly £2,000 with more money still being pledged which is more than we ever hope for.