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Female Guinea Pigs rehomed 30 August 009

30 Aug 2009

Today these two little girls found a great new home. They joined a family of other female pigs and made themselves at home.

Ernie rehomed 30 August 2009

30 Aug 2009

Ernie was an excitable young lad.   He came back to us with his brother Eddie and were fighting so we had to split them up.  Ernie found a lovely home with a new female friend called Tilly.  

Gemma Rehomed 25 Sptember

27 Aug 2009

Age : 2 months  Breed : Lionhead cross  Bonded : No Neutered/Spayed: No Rescued: July 09  

Pickle Rehomed 30th August 09

27 Aug 2009

Pickle was a real little fluff ball.  He was born at the rescue centre when we took in a pregnant doe.   Pickle was rehomed with a neutered female doe. They seemed to get on well and we are confident that they will be the best of friends.

Swan Rescue

23 Aug 2009

This beautiful swan came to us from Shipley County Park. It had a fishing hook lodged into its body. Following a trip to the vets to have the hook removed, it is now recuperating in a pen on antibiotics and painkillers.

Hand Rearing Squirrels

23 Aug 2009

On 20 August we had three very young squirrels delivered to us, these were found by a member of the public that had disturbed them whilst cleaning a chimney. Unfortunately the mother left her three babies and was too frightened to return. We are now hand rearing all three, this is very time consuming, feeding […]

Baby Collared Dove

23 Aug 2009

This little chap was brought in by a cat. We are hand rearing him now until he can fend for himself, he will then be released.

Spice rehomed 19 August 2009

19 Aug 2009

We are reliably informed by one of our home checkers that  Spice went to a fantastic home and has a new friend to play with.  He was such a sweet little rabbit who came from a dreadful breeder.  He now has the lovely home he deserves with a nice big double hutch with run attached and […]

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