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Baby boy buns (Speckle and Binky) now called Stan and Ollie

28 Jun 2008

These 2 boys found a marvellous home not too far away. They have a great hutch and a lovely run that they will enjoy the Summer sunshine in. They are the last of Hickory’s babies and now we just need to find a special home for her

Brinsley Carnival

15 Jun 2008

The¬†Brinsley Carnival is held every year, it was a great opportunity for us to meet our new community, having moved into the area only a year ago. As well as meeting many people, we managed to raise some much needed funds. We were though very disappointed to find that goldfish were being given away in […]

Buff Orpington bantam couple June 08

04 Jun 2008

This couple were dumped in a box at Carlton Police Station by mindless idiots. We get lots of calls about unwanted cockerels and it makes us extremely angry, people either decide to hatch some eggs (including schools we hasten to add) or accidentally buy cockerels at cattle markets because they don’t do their research properly […]

Two female Guinea Pigs Rehomed – June 08

03 Jun 2008

We had two beautiful female guinea pigs in that were so overfed, we thought that they were both pregnant, as a result we did not even take a photo of them for the website. But thankfully they weren’t and they now have a loving home.