Chipmunk & Daisy

Age : 1+ years
Breed : Netherland Dwarf
Bonded : Yes
Neutered/Spayed: Chipmunk is Neutered
Rescued: July 09

We need a very special home for this bonded male and female pair. Both rabbits have dental problems which means that they will need their front teeth trimmed regularly.  In fact they need their teeth trimming every 2 weeks as both have misaligned jaws.

We need a home where an experienced rabbit keeper can keep an extra eye on this beautiful pair and give them the life-long treatment that they will need.

Otherwise these two are very healthy,  friendly and absolutely inseperable. Daisy and Chipmunk do not like to be apart for a second.  They very often have a mad half hour and hurtle round in their run together.  They are a delightful pair of rabbits.


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