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Smudge Rehomed – March 08

14 Mar 2008

Smudge is a real sweetie with one ear up and one ear down. He has found rabbit heaven, living with Fern in what can only be described as a rabbit palace

Pigeon with a torn crop

12 Mar 2008

This handsome guy came to us with a ruptured crop. The crop is like a first stomach for a seed eating bird, it is at the front in the breast are just below the neck. This condition can be caused by a pigeon overeating and causing strain on the crop. If not treated straight away, […]

Benny Rehomed – March 08

07 Mar 2008

Little Benny – what a great looking boy he is. He is a real little tinker with such character. He found a great home not too far away. We will miss his little face but we are sure he will feel at home living with quite a few other animals.  He came in just before […]

Walter Rehomed – Mar 08

03 Mar 2008

Little old Walter – a real character. He found a great home in Nottingham as a house rabbit. He will be sorely missed by many people that visit us as he had many fans. We hope 1 day that he will bond with another male rabbit his new owners already had called ‘Spencer Moon’. Walter […]

Bella & Beau Rehomed – Feb 08

03 Mar 2008

These two lovely lop sisters came to us from another rescue centre as they were not eating. We tried them on different food and gradually they started eating and gaining weight. These 2 loveable pom poms were so tame and so adorable that they soon found a home when we put them up for adoption. […]

Indian Runner Ducks – Rehomed March 08

02 Mar 2008

These ducks found a great home almost as soon as they came in. All 7 of them found a home together in Nottingham to spend the rest of their days. What lucky girls, they now have a pond and 5 acres to wander around in.

Two more rabbits Rehomed – Feb 08

24 Feb 2008

These two babies didn’t even stay with us long enough to get names. After featuring on an ITV weather report they really did get smuggled away in the reporters pocket! No, not really she rang the following day and decided to adopt these 2 bundles of joy. We are not sure if they have names […]

Chickens Rehomed – Feb 08

21 Feb 2008

These three girls were very, very lucky, they won the lottery! They were due to go to slaughter, however we managed to save them and rehome them. This is this is them in their new home settling in. if only more ex-battery and free range hens could find great homes like these!