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Two more mouths to feed !

28 Oct 2012

These two male Saanen goats, Boo and Ryan, came to us a few weeks ago. Saanen originated from Switzerland and are have been bred to produce milk. The females, who produce milk, have to kids each year, and so most of the young are slaughtered, the waste product of the milk industry. These two guys thou are the lucky ones, […]

More Ponies Rescued

21 Oct 2012

We have taken on another four ponies, two mothers and their 7 month old foals. The situation is getting so bad with unwanted pets, we were not going to take on any more, but as these were at risk of slaughter, we put out the stops to take them on. The mums are Magic and Dixie, their foals are Jack […]

Late Hoglets

14 Oct 2012

In September we were called to a house where a mother hedgehog had made a nest and given birth to 4 hoglets. Whilst cleaning his car, a guy opened his garage door, in those few seconds mum crawled in and made a nest in a spare wheel cover. Two days later she was accidentally disturbed […]

Willow Needs a Life-Long Home

13 Oct 2012

Willow has been with us for a few weeks now, we rescued him from a life of neglect and cruelty, we didn’t want to commit to yet another mouth to feed, but we had to find space for him somehow. Willow, a male Welsh Pony has been very ill-treated, he has scares from being hit by his former keeper. Despite being horribly […]

Hare Release

11 Oct 2012

Many months ago we took in a beautiful hare, after weeks of bottle feeding, she started to eat solids. Eating on her own was such a relief for us, as she soon started to pile on the weight and it was an end to hours of bottle feeding, not easy when we both work for a living! Rearing baby […]