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Tawny Owl Released – UPDATE

10 Feb 2012

This guy was found on the roadside, he was cold, wet and extremely weak but fortunately, after an examination we confirmed that he was not injured. After a few hours in an incubator he had picked up, allthough still very weak. In the morning we forced fed him and have continued to do so until Thursday when […]

Coping with the Snow

05 Feb 2012

We are normally very busy at the sanctuary, but when the weather turns cold, its non stop and there’s little time to rest. As well as all of the normal tasks like feeding, checking and cleaning  all of the animals, its a non stop battle to keep the animals with fresh unfrozen water. All of the rabbits […]

Wildlife Hospital – Update

04 Feb 2012

In 2011 we were granted planning permission to convert a large garage, which we will use to treat wildlife that comes into the charity. We have been working very hard raising the funds for this vital work, now with £8,000 raised so far, we are able to start the first stage. Now the the garage […]