Larger Mammals

Before attempting to rescue any larger mammals, you must first consider your own safety and the animals ability to fight back.

When should you rescue a baby mammal?When should you not rescue a baby mammal?
If the animal has been in a RTAIf the animal is out of the nest but being fed
If the animal is obviously injured or appears unwellIf it is not safe for you to so and you are putting yourself in danger
If the animal is in immediate danger from a cat, cars or any other threat.It is perfectly normal for the parents to spend time away from the babies. Observe from a distance for several hours and seek further advice if no parents return.
If the mother of nursing babies has been killed, or if both parents have been killedUnless the animal is injured or in immediate danger, it is always best to seek advice from a wildlife centre before removing the animal
If the animal has been caught by a cat or dog 

A basic rule – if you can approach and pick up any wildlife

it is probably ill or injured and may need help.

Try calling us to help or advice ;

01773 712 999

Please remember we are volunteers, we cannot always help but we will certainly try.