We rescue commercial egg laying hens from slaughter. Generally hens we rescue are 12 to 18 months old, these young hens would otherwise go for slaughter, we save them from ending up in cheap processed foods or pet food.

All we ask for is £4 a hen to help cover the charities costs and a good home.

We sometimes have hens waiting to be homed, sometimes we have a waiting list.

Although millions of hens are bred each year for the egg industry and disposed of at a few months old, it is difficult for us to rescue them, as most farmers will not work with rescue centres. We can travel long distances to obtain them, so please bear with us if you are waiting.

If you want hens, please email us with the following to


1. Your contact details including phone number.

2. Details of when you will be ready.

3. Have your had hens before or are you a newcomer?

4. Before we re-home, we need to be sure that you can offer them a great and secure home. We need to know what accommodation you have, particularly in terms of the size of the run and whats measures you have to protect the hens from foxes.

Please email us photos of your set up, providing dimensions. If this is not possible, you can bring photos when you collect, but we do need the sizes or you may go home empty handed if we cannot be assured from your photos.

If you email us with the above information, we will reply with any further questions and let you know if we have any hens ready for you to collect or put you on our waiting list.

Please note there is a minimum donation per hen and the rescue centre is not open to the public, we are strictly by  prior appointment only.