Please note, it is very rare that we take on small pet birds such as canaries, budgies and cockatiels. For these types please visit Guardian Angels Rescue.

Birds Available For Adoption


2 Bronze Male Turkeys

Description: We are three bronze stags (males) looking for a home together or with a female turkey. We have been at the centre a long time and are all 5 years approx. We were from a collection of eggs hatched out by the previous owner.

Temperment: We did used to be let out to free roam the premises but we did get under a lot of the volunteers feet. We can get a little excited at times, making us crowd around you and vocalise fairly loud.

Health: Despite a few feather missing, we are in good health.

Ideal Home: We need a large fox proof shed to be locked away in at night with perches to sleep on. We are currently fed on mixed corn and live in a fairly large paddock – even though some of us like to fly over the fence!

Adoption Fee: To help the charity cover the costs of keep we ask for a donation of £20 per turkey.

How To Adopt

Please make an appointment using the contacts below, WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Please bring a very large box/ crate for transport.

Tel: 01773 712 999

Email: [email protected]