Rabbits For Adoption

So Your Thinking About Getting A Rabbit…….

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Rabbits make fantastic pets, but please do consider if they are the right pet for you….

  1. Rabbits don not generally make good pets for children under 10 years
  2. Can you commit to a pet that can live for 10 years or older?
  3. Rabbits can be quite destructive and are high maintenance pets that require daily cleaning & interaction and regular health checks and trips to the vets.

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Adopting Rabbits

Adopting a rabbit is always an exciting experience. Please use the button below to be taken to our ” rabbit rehome” page which lists all our currently available rabbits. We may have more rabbits than currently on the website, these are eitehr waiting for the detail to be added or may be waiting to be neutered and vaccinated.

No rabbit that suits ? Don’t worry, sadly we are always taking on many unwanted rabbits and it may be that your ideal rabbit is still going through our rehab process. We make sure that all our rabbits are health checked, vaccinated, neutered and assessed behaviorally before going up for adoption. Please note that this can take up to three weeks depending on the rabbit’s condition!

Please note that we ask for a minimal adoption fee to help the charity cover the costs of keep, vaccinations and neutering. They are as follows:

Single Male : £55

Single Female: £60

Bonded Pair: £75

We ask that you view the rabbits, then you if you see a rabbits you want, you can reserve them for you. We will then carry out a home check promptly. We do this to ensure the cage and run you have are large enough and fox proof and we offer free advice if your new to keeping rabbits. You won’t have to wait long, we’ll bring the bunnies with us on the home check so hopefully they can be settled in their new home straight away.

Even though we always carry out home checks for all of our bunnies, it is helpful if you can bring photographic evidence of your set up when viewing.

Our facilities are all outdoors, so please dress accordingly for the weather. Appointments will not be cancelled unless weather is severe.

We are not open to the general public. An appointment MUST be made to view our rabbits.

Why Should I Adopt A Rabbit?

There are 5 main reasons why you should consider adoption over shop, you can read these in further detail by clicking here.

  1. We always neutering and fully vaccinating all rabbits before rehoming.
  2. If you adopt a rabbit from us we can offer honest advice.
  3. We know our rabbits and can give honest description of their character
  4. You are saving a rabbit, as you make a space available to help the next rabbit in need.

Rabbit Care

Wanting a Rex rabbit? Please Read this.