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Can You Offer A Home for Our Pigs?

The pig situation in the UK is still awful. Last month we had to turn away a 108 pigs – thats right 108! We have very limited resources at the santcury for pigs and we try our best to take on or give advice to those that need it. 

We currently have three lovely pigs at the centre that have been waiting for their forever homes for years. 

Matilda & Gertrude

These girls arrived in 2013 and have been waiting 3 years for a forever home. Both at 5 years of age, these two Kune Kunes were handed in – simply unwanted. Matilda the patchy one is more of the leader. She loves to wallow and is very keen on her food! Gertrude is a sweet little sow who will come out and flop on your feet for fuss – much like an over grown dog! Both are very gentle and are quite quiet for pigs when their bellies are full. They would suit a loving family with young children ( when supervised as pigs are bigger then toddlers) and are looking for a loving home together. 

How To Adopt

Need reassurance on how to keep pigs? Read our husbandry page by clicking here.  We can also offer advice on any worries.

Please note that we are not open to the general public and an appointment must be made to view our pigs. Please arrive ready for the weather with suitible footwear for the fields. Bring with you any photographic evidence of your set up. A home check may be conducted to check suitiblity. 

We ask for a minimal adoption fee of £60 per pig to help the charity cover the cost of keeping. 

Feel like you can offer a home to one of our pigs? Then please….

Call us on 01773 712 999

Email us @ info@brinsleyanimalrescue.org

Or contact us via facebook by clicking here 

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