Charity Finances

As a Charity, we believe we have a duty to be as open as we can with regards how we are run and how we receive and spend the charities money.

We are regulated by the Charity Commission, if you would like to see the records of what is held by them on the Charity, please see the link below;


Although in 2010 we did not meet the threshold where we needed to submit a Trustee Annual Report, we want to be as open as we can and therefore produced on for the benefit of the public. If you would like to read it, please click on the link below;

Financial year end Income Spending Download Report
31 Dec 2012 £31,169 £52,393 Annual Report 2012 


31 Dec 2011 £28,204 £37,439 Trustee Report 2011 



31 Dec 2010 £20,058 £18,215 Trustee Report 2010