The Brinsley Animal Rescue website is proudly powered by WordPress.

Theme design (v1.0-6.2) and photography by volunteer Matthew Moles.


History of the website

Initial design by co-founder Jon was launched in early 2008.

A new site (HTML based) was designed by Mat in June 2008 (v1.0). However it was soon realised that the system was ineffective due to the continuous need to frequently update the site.

The popular blogging tool WordPress was chosen to run the site due to it’s ease of use and flexibility. A full-blown CMS was considered unneccessary.

The v1.0 site was hacked into the first WordPress theme. This design was very quickly replaced by a theme (v2.1) specifically designed for WordPress. v4.2 has served from ~September 2008 to September 2009 with several slight revisions.

Some designs were never released (v3.x and v0.6.x).

September 2009 sees the implementation of v5.6.

v6.2 released 9 Aug 2010.



Account setup by co-founder Jon ~July 2009.