Dartmoor Ponies Rescued in the nick of time!

Posted by Matt in News, Pony, Rescued on Saturday 19/03/2011 12:34 +01:00.

Today we rescued 3 Dartmoor Ponies that were due to be shot this morning for pet food!

Once more we find this sad situation. Yet again many young Dartmoor Ponies are facing slaughter as the unwanted ponies become animal feed. A century ago 30,000 of these ponies roamed the moors, now just 1,500 remain.  They are rarer than giant pandas yet get little coverage and media spotlight.  They are part of our heritage in this country yet fetch no money at market and simply get slaughtered every year for pet food and lion and tiger food at the local zoo.

This year 700 have already been slaughtered for pet food, how could we say no!  Last year taught us so, so much about these delightful animals.  Having recently seen the four ponies we rescued last year in their new homes, we have realised that we should offer a place for some more of these beautiful animals.

Today rescued 3 of these ponies as the situation became URGENT.  Brinsley Animal Rescue now needs the funds to pay for their up keep and treatment until we can re-home them. Are you able to help with donations towards transportation, gelding, feed, bedding and wormers ?

We need to raise at least £1200 to pay for these beautiful ponies.  Transportation costs alone comes to £300 before they even arrive at the sanctuary.  Every month we operate on a hand to mouth basis and scrape by.  Of recent we have taken in more and more animals whereby the previous owners simply couldn’t afford their vet bills and treatment.  We have taken on huge vet bills and added feed costs as the price of hay escalates to almost double what we were paying just a year ago.


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5 responses to “Dartmoor Ponies Rescued in the nick of time!”

  1. Stockrachel52 says:

    Awww well done, we bought 5 from the drift sale, they have all turned out to be fantastic genuine kids ponies and were well worth all the time and patience getting them handled, they are all now rehomed to great homes. they do need more exposure, fab ponies. Wishing you the best of luck with them all, be great to see their progress, Rachel x

  2. di says:

    Wow well done i will try and do some fundraising for you! i also took on 2 of these ponies from the same farmer as yourselves and they are just beautiful ponies! long live the dartmoor hill pony thanks to people like yourselves x

  3. Claire Pavitt says:

    Wow well done u guys, I also took 1 of the ponies through Mary about 7weeks ago and she is coming along beautifully i rallied around a few friends 2 donate some money so that these last remaining ponies could b gifted 2 the relevant sancturies it is lovely 2 c them arrive safely with u guys and good old Paul in the background transporting them safely all the best xxxxx

  4. Lindsay says:

    Well done, they look a lovely bunch, we too have taken two of these lovely ponies through Mary and Paul doing our transportation. Ours are coming on really well seven weeks on we can not believe they too could or would have been shot for feed, they are now such lovely friendly boys who want nothing more than some love.

  5. admin Beth says:

    They are all coming on so well, they are loosing their fear of humans and enjoying listening to the radio. Sammy, the older colt is doing really well.. In just 24 hours we had a head collar on him and he comes up for food. We are hoping to get him gelded as soon as I can lead him round a little better.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments and so great to hear from other people who rescued these poor little ponies.

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