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Dartmoor Ponies – The start of their new journey

24 Oct 2010

This weekend the four Dartmoor Ponies rescued from becoming pet food, started their new lives thanks to Brinsley Animal Rescue.

Bear, Biscuit and Humbug Rehomed 16 October

18 Oct 2010

Although Bear came from a different home to Biscuit and Humbug, they quickly bonded and became the best of friends. When we found a home that would take all three, we were so happy for them. We took them to their new home in North Wales where they now live with ample land to explore.

We rehome our first pig!

06 Oct 2009

We get quite frustrated by the usual phone calls about pet pigs, but for once we received a call with a difference. Far too often we get calls from people who have bought piglets from a breeder, then several months later the pig is too large and destructive and they don’t want them any more and […]

Tonka Rehomed October 1 09

01 Oct 2009

Tonka was rescued from an unwanted home. He suffered from a condition called anal impaction that males can often get. This means that he sometimes cannot form his pellets and needed assistance. Therefore he needed to go to a home where this condition could be monitored. Tonka found a fabulous home with another male guinea pig […]

The boys are rehomed

19 Sep 2009

Archie, Benji, Charlie and Dillon were all rescued at one week old, the waste by product of the dairy industry. We took them in and hand reared them, finally they have gone to a great new home in West Yorkshire.

Lottie – The Abandoned Cat

13 Jul 2009

Lottie, this beautiful and loving cat , was brought to us by a friend of the charity after being found dumped at the side of a road. She has recently given birth to kittens before she arrived which is probably why she was dumped. Although we don’t usually take in cats, she desperately needed some where to stay until a […]

Lots of Rabbits & Guinea Pigs!

17 Jun 2009

Having felt quite pleased with ourselves for recently homing lots of rabbits and guinea pigs we have now had a sudden influx of them.  Next weekend we have over 20 rabbits and guinea pigs coming in to the rescue centre. We are trying to get all the bunnies neutered and vaccinated as soon as possible […]