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The Sanctuary Remembers two Beautiful Pigs

29 Aug 2015

Its very sombre at the Sanctuary, we have had to say goodbye to two long term members of the rescued pig family. Wally and Wilbur came with their sister Wendy some 7 years ago, their mother Matilda was rescued from a factory farm by Freshfeilds Animal Rescue in Liverpool, Matilda subsequently gave birth to 6 […]

Meet Bertie, the not so ‘Micro-Pig’

19 Dec 2010

When we first saw a breeder sell so called micro-pigs on the news, we just knew what would be coming our way. There is no such thing as a micr0-pig.  Pigs are generally quite large and very, very powerful animals, a micro pig is a smaller version, but certainly not small or micro as many breeders claim.

George & Pepper rehomed 25 October 09

25 Nov 2009

Pepper and George These two Kune Kune pigs (pronounced Kunie Kunie) came from Liverpool. Pepper and George kept frightening their owners horses and were therefore given up.

Molly the Pig Rescue

03 Nov 2009

We had decided not to take on any more pigs, 12 pigs eat a lot of food. However when we heard about this poor girl and saw the condition that she was in, we had to do what we could to help get her out of the squalid, muddy conditions that she was kept in.

We rehome our first pig!

06 Oct 2009

We get quite frustrated by the usual phone calls about pet pigs, but for once we received a call with a difference. Far too often we get calls from people who have bought piglets from a breeder, then several months later the pig is too large and destructive and they don’t want them any more and […]

The Great Pig Chase!

04 Jun 2009

This week we have taken on yet another unwanted pig. She came with the name Charlotte but as we already have a pony with the same name we have renamed her Penny. Yesterday we set about introducing her to Rocky our Kune Kune pig thinking that he might like a friend.  Unfortunately he didn’t take too kindly […]

Pot Bellied Pig Rescue

13 May 2009

Pigs were very fashionable as pets a few years ago, unfortunately with some people, they treat animals like clothes that go out of fashion.