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Bear, Biscuit and Humbug Rehomed 16 October

18 Oct 2010

Although Bear came from a different home to Biscuit and Humbug, they quickly bonded and became the best of friends. When we found a home that would take all three, we were so happy for them. We took them to their new home in North Wales where they now live with ample land to explore.

Pygmy Goats rehomed

25 Sep 2010

Solomon and Latchley were given up by their previous owners, their story we hear far too often.

We take in 5 goats in a week

03 Sep 2010

We rehomed our last 5 goats earlier this year and haven’t had any since, then all in the space of a week we have taken in 5 from 3 separate locations.

4 Pygmy Goats

25 Oct 2009

We have taken in another 4 pygmy goats. These were kept by a breeder, they were bred and the kids sold as pets. They have been given up, probably due to the recession.

The boys are rehomed

19 Sep 2009

Archie, Benji, Charlie and Dillon were all rescued at one week old, the waste by product of the dairy industry. We took them in and hand reared them, finally they have gone to a great new home in West Yorkshire.

Storm the unwanted Goat

19 Jul 2009

Storm is so cute, lovable and very friendly yet unwanted, why, because he is male. Male goats are the unwanted byproduct of the milk industry because unlike the females, males don’t produce milk. Many end up in the meat or pet food industry.

Three new goats arrive

02 Jul 2009

These three guys have joined our ever growing population of goats.