Non-Destruct Policy

Non Euthanasia Policy


1. Introduction

Brinsley Animal Rescue strongly believes that euthanasia should only ever be a last resort with any animal, but where appropriate the decision to euthanase will be taken to alleviate pain, suffering and distress and where treatment will not allow an animal to have an acceptable quality of life. This policy has been put in place to ensure that any animal that becomes the responsibility of the charity, is protected from any unnecessary suffering as stated in the “Animal welfare act 2006”

2. Application of this policy

This policy applies to all animals that come in to the care of Brinsley Animal Rescue.

3. Policy

Euthanasia will only ever be considered when;

  • Injury or illness is so severe that it would be deemed inhumane to begin/continue treatment.
  • Specifically referring to wild animals – Life in captivity would be one of fear and distress resulting in physical and mental suffering. This would be judged on a case by case basis.

When the treatment of an animal is constricted by financial restraints, the charity will always endeavour to raise the finances required.