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Dartmoor Hill Ponies Appeal – 4 Rescued

25 May 2010

On Wednesday we rescued 4 dartmoor ponies, these ponies have been rounded up off the moor and were destined for slaughter. Of the 150 destined for pet food, 42 have been rescued by people and animal sanctuaries around the country.

May 2 2009 – 2 New Ponies Arrive

02 May 2009

  Yesterday Coco found herself with 2 new friends – Rosie and Charlotte. Like Coco, Charlotte has laminitis so will need special care. These 2 ponies will stay at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.  We have decided not to adopt any ponies out to new owners.  Instead if people want to ‘adopt a […]

Coco the Pony

23 Feb 2009

Coco is a 11.2 hand, 17 year old pony. Unfortunately her owner had to give her up and she is prone to Laminitis. Coco must have a strict diet, not be exposed to rich grass and receive regular exercise and attention to ensure her condition is controlled.  She is a beautiful and well behaved pony […]