Buttercup Rehomed 15-1-11

Posted by Jon in Rehomed on Friday 15/01/2010 23:23 +01:00.

This little girl is the luckiest little bunny in the world. One of our volunteers went to Melton Mowbray cattle market and managed to buy her for £1. He brought her back to us and thought we’d tell him off (as if!!). Sadly 40 or so other buns didn’t make it into his van.

Poor Buttercup had subcutaneous milk deposits all over her tummy which were causing her a lot of discomfort bless her.

We think that Buttercup is only young (under 1 year). She has been vaccinated for myxi and is awaiting a spay. She is an extremely timid bunny, understandably so. She will come over for a sniff but a little stroke is off limits. She needs a home with a bunny friend and someone who is able to spend time with her so that she can eventually enjoy some human fuss.

She is adorable and such a little gem. She is a very small bunny.

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