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100 – Battery Hens Rescue

05 Nov 2010

Tomorrow we are rescuing another 100 ex-battery hens,this is part of 3000 that are being saved from being sent to slaughter for pet food. If you are on our waiting list, please be patient, it does take time to home check.

Battery Hen Rescue

11 Sep 2010

We travel far and near to rescue these poor girls, this time is was a long trek down south to rescue another 110 hens, at their end of their short productive lives, we rescued a few of the tens of thousands going for slaughter, many going for pet food.

Battery Hen Rescue

19 Dec 2009

We have rescued 80 ex-battery chickens this week, taking our total for the year to over 400. These poor girls live an awful life, in extremely cramped cages, each hen has no more space than an A4 piece of paper. The flock is usually sent for slaughter at 12 to 18 months and replaced with new […]

Another hen rescue

11 Oct 2009

We have waited a long time to do another hen rescue but this weekend we have secured a retirement for 80 ex bats. have now collected the ladies and hope to get them into their new homes as soon as possible.  We will be ringing people that are currently on our waiting list for hens. relaunch

10 Sep 2009

The site has been down the last couple of days due to hosting problems, so we have taken this opportunity to release the new theme.

Battery Hen Rescue – The Hens Arrive

06 Jun 2009

Today we rescued another 100 battery hens. We had hoped to rescue at least 200 however we have been limited, thankfully because they have homes.