Saxony Ducks Looking For A Home

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Description: Around 3 years old we have a mix of Saxony ducks:

1  female (  Cream)

2 Males ( Both grey headed with mixed browns and whites - very beautiful)

About Us: A mischievous , lively and cheeky bunch that arrive altogether unwanted. They don't tend to quack as much as the other ducks! These are a great beginners breed, pretty hardy and very entertaining. The females do lay eggs but not as many as the norm. But please do consider a few males as well!

Type Of Home Wanted: We would be happy to re-home into pairs ( female and male) or to rehome as a whole group.  They need a secure house ( fox proof) to sleep in at night and nest. An area to swim in such as a pond or a bath and space to exercise. These ducks are used to sharing with chickens. 

How To Adopt:  contact us by


Telephone: 01773 712 999

Facebook: Brinsley animal rescue

To arrange a viewing. We are not open to the public and you must arrange a appointment. If you like who you see then we can arrange reserving and house checks. The duck will then be yours after we have seen the accommodation. 

Adoption Fee: £ 5 per duck minimal donation . This is to help cover our housing expenses. 

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