Running Ducks – Various Genders

Posted by Jon in Ducks on Friday 01/09/2017 20:53 UTC.


5 Available

All Male


Description:Indian running ducks all aged around 5 years.

About Us: We are a lively  bunch of ducks all from separate cases and different backgrounds. We don't waddle - we run! These ducks love to play in the water and can be quite vocal. Did you know that our breed nickname is the penguin duck? Due to our upright look! We are a hardy breed and would be suitable for a beginner.

Type Of Home Wanted: We would like to rehome them together or to existing flocks. Since these guys can't fly the enclosure doesn't need to be high around 2ft at minimum but 4ft is recommend to keep predators out. Netting is need on the fence to keep the ducks in and the foxes out. Due to their active nature, they need a large area. On average four ducks need a space of 25 metres squared, but the amount of space depends on how many ducks and on the type of soil you land is on to help drain. Ducks need a small pool of water to bathe in as well, a tub that can be changed is better then a built in pond. Lastly, they need a comfortable  fox proof shed to rest in at night.

How To Adopt:

We are NOT open to the public. Please arrange a appointment with us by contacting us:

By Phone: 01773 712 999


Facebook: Brinsley Animal Rescue

We would like to see photos of your set up before we rehome.

Please bring a box or crate for collection.

Minimum Donation: We ask for a donation of £5 per duck, so thats £15 for the three, to help with housing costs.

Thank you for viewing, any questions? We will be happy to help!



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