Equine Clicker Training Day – 29 October

Posted by Jon in Events, News on Thursday 12/10/2017 20:58 UTC.

We are very excited to be hosting an equine connection training day with Hannah Weston on Sunday 29th Oct at the rescue. 10am til 4pm with refreshments provided for £25 (tickets available using the ‘Charity Checkout’ link below but places are limited).

We work with our ponies before they go up for adoption using clicker training techniques. Our equines learn everything from walking on lead ropes, picking up feet, loading into horse boxes and that it’s generally okay to be touched by humans using connective training. We use games like ‘touch the target’ to teach our equines new things so that learning becomes fun and positive for everyone! So if you want to learn more yourself or have a few equine issues that you need help with then book your place and learn about some of the techniques we use.

To Purchase tickets CLICK HERE

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