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Fox Cub Rescue

22 May 2022

Today has been super busy, but so is every day here.As well as several birds being admitted, we went out to rescue this fox cub, trapped in garden plastic clutter. The cub had got his head well and truly stuck inside a plastic globe in a garden.Thankfully we had volunteers at hand to collect the […]

Baby Vole

19 May 2022

Talk about all creatures great and small, yesterday we were shearing sheep, today we took in these five voles after their nest was accidentally disturbed by a digger and unfortunately their mother was killed.It is very hands-on feeding them every hour for the next few weeks, thankfully we have a volunteer step forward, we wish […]

Badger Released

06 Jan 2022

The badger we took in via Mid Derbyshire Badger Group has been successfully released back to where he was found. As they are nocturnal, its important that this is done at nighttime whilst they are active.

Injured Hedgehog

09 Oct 2021

Hedgehogs suffer some horrific garden injuries, many are too severe to survive. This young boy was lucky that he was found and came to us in time. His wound was deep and infected, he was in pain, very cold and dehydrated, all the signs of a garden incident from a strimmer or mower.The priority in […]

Fox Cub

03 Apr 2021

This little girl fox cub was found on her own, she is less than a week old.Thankfully the caller did everything right, they left well alone in case mum came back, as they often do, did not touch her and called for advise.We advised to give her a hot water bottle, wearing gloves so as […]

Fox Cub Arrives

31 Jul 2019

This beautiful fox cub arrived at the weekend, we believe her mother has been killed, and there are no signs of other cubs. Fortunately she is eating herself and she’s doing well. Currently she’s in our animal hospital ready to go for blood test, then she’ll be transferred to our large fox enclosure. Fox cubs […]

Bunny Release

15 Jun 2019

You may remember we had four baby wild rabbits that came in a couple of months ago, well today all four were successfully released. Hand rearing rabbits is very difficult and many don’t make it. Naturally their mothers only feed a few times a day, their milk is very rich. The rearing milk we buy […]

Hedeghogs Released

29 Apr 2019

In recent weeks we had been releasing hedgehogs but then due to unseasonably hot weather with no rainfall we stopped again! One of our hibernating hedgehogs also only woke up last week and even then needed a little encouragement to venture out of a very large, warm nest! Thank goodness we now have some rainfall […]