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13 Jun 2017

   Status: Available Description: Hiya, my name is Iris. I am around 1 years old, agouti coloured and am a doe who is on the large side! About me: I arrived at the centre on the 1/5/17 as a stray. Temperament: I am a confident girl who adores her food! Good handle and an overall […]

Buddy and Lilly

13 Jun 2017

   Available Description: Howdy, our names are Buddy and Lilly. We are  one years old ( our  birthday is this month!) and are white mini lops  with blue eyes! About me: We arrived together at the centre on the 9/4/17. We were an unwanted child’s pet. Temperament: We are a confident, friendly little bunch who […]

Cupid & Arrow

13 Jun 2017

   Available Description: Sup?! Our names are Cupid and Arrow. We are 11 months old and are pure white with red eyes. We will be small/ medium sized bucks with up right ears. About us: We arrived at the centre together on the 16/2/17. We were part of an unplanned and unwanted litter. Temperament: We are […]