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30 Jan 2017

   Available Description: Hi! My name is Stormy and I am around 1 year old. I am a chinchilla mini lop buck. About Me: I arrived on the 12/11/16 after a concerned member of the public found me as a stray. With no microchip to return to my owners, it was very lucky I was […]

30 Jan 2017

   Available Description: Yo! My name is Jojo. I am a 8 month old Lion-head x Dutch buck. About Me: I arrived on the 31/12/16. I was an unwanted rabbit handed into a local pet shop who kindly fostered me for a while. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting any luck for a forever home there and […]


01 Jan 2017

Available Description: Yo! My name is Jessie! I am 6 months old and am an agouti buck. About me: I arrive at the centre in September when i was just 6 weeks old. I have had two homes already! We believe my first home must of had an accidental litter mixed with a wild rabbit. […]

Elsa & Michelle

01 Jan 2017

Elsa & Michelle Description: Our names are Elsa and Michelle, we are sisters and are both  18 months old and English Spot X does About Me: We arrived on the  22/10/16 after we didn’t bond to our previous owner current rabbits. Temperament: Michelle is the most confident but both are quite shy rabbits. The will […]

Rex Rabbit Housing Requirements

30 Oct 2016

    PLEASE READ WITH CARE Why Do Rex Rabbits Require “Special” Housing? The breeds “mini” rex and “standard rex” were orignally bred for their fur. The fur is a special short dense structure that often feels like plush or velvet ( and was orignally a genetic mutation!). Today rexes make wonderful pets. They are […]