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Holly the Fairy Tail Story

27 Aug 2016

Holly’s story is truly a fairy tail ending, she is such a lucky girl. Last Christmas Eve a member of the public found Holly on the roadside, she had escaped from a factory farm. They called the farmer who just told them to throw her into the hedge bottom!. Thankfully they didn’t, the little angel […]

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14 Jul 2016

Thinking About Having A Pet Pig? Whilst pigs can make great pets, many people do not do their research and take on pigs and shortly afterwards regret it and then we receive the call to take on their pigs. We will offer unbiased advice. Pigs do make very good pets, they are clean and intelligent, […]

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06 Jul 2016

This is a “micro pig”….. This is also a “Micro pig” The Truth About Micro Pigs Micro-pigs were all the rage a year or so ago, now the novelty has worn off, people have realised that these¬†intelligent, clean, highly sociable animals need love and attention and if not given that attention, can soon become¬†destructive, not […]