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Buddy Arrives at the Rescue

29 Apr 2019

Meet Buddy This old boy Kune Kune piggy is now Kiwi’s boyfriend, they have met and so far it’s looking good, could it be love? Pigs are highly sociable creatures and like many other pets, should not be kept on their own and so he is a perfect mate for our single lady Kiwi, who […]

Piggies Rehomed

05 Apr 2019

So far this year we are having greater success in rehoming piggies, sadly the calls to take them in, is remains relentless and far outweighs those we home. This weekend we said goodbye to the three boys that only arrived in February. As you can see they have a great new home.   IMG_4999

Three Little Piggies

10 Feb 2019

The relentless calls to take on pigs never eases. Lukilly for this trio we had space created by rehoming others. These three brothers are three years old, all castrated and super friendly, now looking for a forever home. Pigs do make amazing and rewarding pets, as long as you do your research and cater for […]

Mr Kune Kune Pig

16 Dec 2018

Meet, well, he’s only been with us a few hours so we are still considering a suitable name, could it be Coconut or should it be Desmond, what do you think? Anyway Mr. Kune Kune pig was found wandering around a housing estate, made his way into someones back garden and made himself at home […]

Kiwi Arrives at the Rescue

24 Aug 2018

Recently we took a call to take in this amazingly affectionate Kune Kune pig, who we now call Kiwi, when her partner had to be ethanised. Initially we had to say no, as we have to all too often, we can only take animals in when people rehomed the one we have and create space. […]

Rescue Stray Pig

19 Aug 2018

Meet Colin, a rescued stray pig. Unfortunately we get inundated with calls to take on unwanted pets, pigs are no exception to this, sadly we have to many away away every week, we can only take them more in when we have space, space created when people rehome rescued animals that we have. This chap […]

Meet Henry and Dixie

06 Aug 2018

These two are new admissions at the rescue, two unwanted pets Henry and Dixie. Thankfully they are safe now.  

Authur’s Re-homed

19 Jul 2018

Arthur has has gone, we are all missing him, however we are very happy, he’s in a great home. Its not everyday we re-home pigs, let alone commercial pigs that grow very large, but Arthur has gone to an amazing home. Arthur now lives with Lisa, Bart and Maggie who we re-homed a few weeks […]

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