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Meet Harry

11 Jul 2021

As we were moving Matilda and her family to Surge Sanctuary, the space created was soon filled, we had another planned pig rescue taking place, Harry was on his way to fill the space created.Meet Harry, he is another very, very lucky boy. Harry was abandoned by a farmer who had taken animals of value […]

Meet Flo and Clementine

05 Oct 2020

Meet Flo and Clementine, rescued in the nick of time.We took a call about these beautiful ladies from our friends at Pigs in the Wood, they needed a home asap or they were off to be slaughtered.YHA a Castleton cared for them but no longer wanted them and they were no surplus to requirements. thankfully […]

Blanch, Sophia and Dorothy Homed

28 Sep 2020

Blanch, Sophia and Dorothy have been rehomed, we are so happy for them.We are doing well this year finding good homes for pet pigs, these are 3 of 5 rehomed in the past few weeks alone, but as soon as we create space, they are queuing up to com in.Three out and we have two […]

Rescued 5 Pigs

01 Sep 2020

Rescued, another 5 pet pigs. We now have 15 pigs lo, although we have 5 reserved, ten are looking for lifelong homes. We sadly turn away ten times more pigs than we get homes offered for. When will people stop going to breeders and offer homes to those in rescue centres looking for a home!

Bobby Arrives

16 Aug 2020

Meet Bobby boy. Bobby on the right arrived this week, we needed a partner for Trudy Trotters, an abandoned pig we rescued a few weeks ago. Here you can see them meeting for the first time. Bobby is around a year old, like Trudy he is very friendly and loves attention, especially belly rubs which […]

Stray Pig Arrives

20 Jul 2020

Meet sweat little Trudy Trotters, the new addition to the group of pigs we are looking to rehome. Trudy was found a stray, no owners have came forward, it is possible and in fact probable, that she was in fact dumped as is all too often. She is safe with us now, we are looking […]

Meet Winston

11 Dec 2019

Meet Winston, he’s only 3 years old. Winston has had a tough little life so far and was in desperate need of a rescue place. He’s loving his deep bed of straw and took no time in making himself a lovely bad last night which is something I don’t think he’s done for a very […]

5 Piggies Rescue

11 Aug 2019

This morning we took delivery of another five pigs, thats 18 we have rescued this year and a total to 14 we currently have at the sanctuary. These group of five are three sisters and two brothers, bred irresponsibly, destined for slaughter had we not rescued them this week. Thank you to Pigs in the Wood for […]