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Belinda Has Passed Away.

01 Aug 2008

Unfortunately Betty’s life long pal Belinda died very suddenly at the vets in July. We presume that she had a heart attack. It was very sudden and came as a great shock. Both these goats were very overweight when they came to us and we are still battling with Bettys weight. Betty needs a friend […]

Brinsley Carnival

15 Jun 2008

The Brinsley Carnival is held every year, it was a great opportunity for us to meet our new community, having moved into the area only a year ago. As well as meeting many people, we managed to raise some much needed funds. We were though very disappointed to find that goldfish were being given away in […]

2 New Arrivals

31 May 2008

Meet Gerrard and Walter. Today we had two pot-bellied pigs rescued from a pub. These two boisterous lads were exhibits at a pub in Ruddington, however when the pub was sold, the new land lord didn’t want these two, so now we have them and are looking for their next home. Can you offer them the […]

Rescued Kids

17 May 2008

When we heard about some baby goats that were surplus to requirements then we had to give them a home. They are all males and we are looking for homes for them. We have had them castrated and they are still being bottle fed at the moment. They are still only 3 weeks old but […]

Ex-Battery Chickens Rehomed – Feb 08

15 Feb 2008

Poor girls, such a miserable start in life, in fact no life at all in a battery farm. They huddled in the corner of one of our stables when they arrived. Slowly their feathers started to grow back and they have found a great home with experienced hen keepers. We wish them well on a […]

Duck with leg injury

11 Feb 2008

Marge the duck Hydrotherapy, in our bathfollowing treatment for damage to her leg. She spent two weeks in our house recovering, this included a evening session splashing aroundin our bath!