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Budgie Rescue

12 Dec 2008

Today we have rescued 17 budgies from an animal hoarder who bred them out of control.

Gerbils Rehomed 9 December 08

09 Dec 2008

There are quite a few gerbils that need good homes.  Someone had been breeding these poor animals out of control and the result has been hundreds of unwanted little gerbils.  Many of these gerbils have now been dispersed to quite a few rescue centres throughout the U.K to ease the burden. (We are part of an amazing network […]

Two New Pigs Join the Family

15 Nov 2008

We have just taken on 2 more Kune Kune pigs from Liverpool. These pigs, Pepper and George kept frightening their owners horse so had to be rehomed.  At only 2 years old they are very lively and full of character.  For those of you who have met Rocky the Kune Kune they are nothing like him, […]

Death Row Dogs Need Homes

13 Nov 2008

Although we can’t take on dogs ourselves we get E-mails every single day about dogs in pounds on death row.  Thousands of healthy dogs get destroyed every year in the U.K through no fault of their own. If you are thinking of adopting a dog then make sure it is a rescue dog as you […]

Next Hen Rescue Postponed.

10 Nov 2008

As many of you know our next ex-battery hen rescue was due to take place on 14th/15th Nov but unfortunately due to the powers that be (supermarkets!!!) this has been postponed until after Christmas. Due to consumer demand of cheap food over Christmas these hens will have to spend Christmas in cages. Fortunately though, we […]

Brownie the Rabbit

10 Nov 2008

Brownie, the wild rabbit we rescued a couple of months ago has made a full recovery. Unfortunately we had to give her a lot of physiotherapy on the leg that she kept dragging behind her and this has made her a very imprinted little rabbit.  For this reason she can never be released back into […]

Wild Mice Rescue

04 Nov 2008

When we cleared out one of our stables to make way for 150 ex-battery hens,  we moved some bales of straw and disturbed a family of wild mice. Unfortunately the mother ran off and we could not find her. We had no choice, her babies were too young to defend for themselves so we hand […]

Fundraising at Brinsley Christmas Market

02 Nov 2008

Today we had a stall at Brinsley Christmas Market.  With the help of Bric a Brac (kindly donated by Angela), 2 keen volunteers and a display board we managed to raise just over £80.  Thanks to eveyone who bought things from us and put money into our collection tin and special thanks to Angela.  This […]