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Baby Squirrel Rescue

30 Apr 2009

This little chap came to us a week ago, he was found on someones lawn possibly after falling out of his nest. We are now hand rearing him and he’s putting on weight and growing fast. He did spend much of his day sleeping or feeding, but now starting to get active.

Fox Cub – Update

07 Apr 2009

Spring time is very busy for us with many baby animals and birds coming in.  It is very time consuming and hard work not to mention sometimes heartbreaking to hand rear small animals.

Betty Rehomed 4 April 09

04 Apr 2009

Betty the Pygmy Goat

Meet Boris the Blind Calf

30 Mar 2009

When we heard about Boris, we just had to agree to take him on. Boris’s mum was ill with BVD when she was pregnant with him, this caused Boris’s blindness. As he would be difficult to rear for the farmer, we agreed to take him on.

Make Mine Chocolate!

26 Mar 2009 We support the Make Mine Chocolate campaign. Each year thousands of rabbits end up in homes where they are neglected and not looked after in the manner they deserve.

Coco the Pony

23 Feb 2009

Coco is a 11.2 hand, 17 year old pony. Unfortunately her owner had to give her up and she is prone to Laminitis. Coco must have a strict diet, not be exposed to rich grass and receive regular exercise and attention to ensure her condition is controlled.  She is a beautiful and well behaved pony […]

Brinsley Animal Rescue – Becomes a Charity

20 Feb 2009

Finally after months of  filling out paperwork and receiving advice, we are now officially a Charity and have a Brinsley Animal Rescue bank account. This will allow us to not only claim the tax back on donations but to apply for grants.

The life of a broiler hen

12 Feb 2009

Many people who have visited us ask us what kind of hen Bertha is.  She is a ‘broiler’ hen.  She was ‘designed’ to live for 39 days, that’s all it takes from birth to slaughter for food.