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Thanks to Capital One

09 Jun 2011

Today we had the Capital One top team volunteering at the rescue centre. This is the second volunteering day that that Capital One have spent here, they all grafted hard and got a lot of jobs complete that we just haven’t got the time to finish ourselves. Thanks to these guys, we got an aviary […]

Baby Hoglets

08 Jun 2011

Springtime brings all manner of baby animals to our door to be hand reared and hedgehogs are no exception. This little one is one of three being hand reared on milk formula at the moment, in a couple of weeks or so well start to wean off milk onto meat. This time of year is really hard […]

Sammy goes to his new home

05 Jun 2011

Today it was a sad yet happy day as we said good bye to Sammy. We have grown fond of Sammy as we first saw him as a wild Dartmoor Hill Pony, rescued a few months ago. In a short time, he has become very confident as we trained and handled him. Sammy is a […]

Meet Percy Pig

04 Jun 2011

Meet our latest Piggy recruit. Percy was originally an RSPCA case. Percy was found very thin and in poor health, his brother was also very ill and another boar was lying on the ground where he had died. Unfortunately Percy’s brother could not be saved but Percy was seized by the RSPCA and moved to a home where he could […]

Battery Hen Rescue

21 May 2011

This week we have taken on a further 120 ex-battery hens that would otherwise be slaughtered. The farm in Norfolk where we fetched them from, was emptying their sheds, replacing 20,000 birds with young hens, to keep the egg yield high. We couldn’t rescue all 20,000 hens that are probably only around 18 months old, but […]

Hedgehog with Balloon Syndrome

01 May 2011

This poor guy came to us all blown up like a puffer fish. This condition is quite rare, we have only experienced it once before, many years ago, it’s called balloon syndrome due to the hedgehog inflating like a balloon. This condition is the symptom of something more serious, such as respiratory tract damage or […]

Cookie and Cracker

25 Apr 2011

These guys are came in this week with Jake. They are castrated males and currently live in our field with pygmy goats, sheep and ponies. They are very friendly and need to be rehomed together.    

Meet Jake our latest Ram

25 Apr 2011

Jake is a very friendly Jacobs ram, he runs up to us for the fuss and attention he adores. Jake is a castrated ram and now is looking for a home with other sheep or goats.