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Goats Rehomed

06 Oct 2019

Today Maggie, Sky, Dorothy and Matilda arrived at their new home. We’ll miss these girls, however we’ve now got space to take in more animals, in fact there’s another pair already lined up to arrive.

Bunnies Arrive

12 Sep 2019

Meat Bean and Bertie, two of the latest rabbits that arrived at the rescue separately today. Bean a castrated and vaccinate boy (white lop), will be ready for adoption shortly. Bertie, the big eared beauty had been dumped to fend for himself. He is very lucky to have been found as domestic bunnies don’t survive […]

Summer Open Day

09 Sep 2019

A great day today at our Summer Open day will over 1,000 people coming along to support us. Not all of the funds are in as yet, however so far we have taken £5,335, a huge boost to the charity. Thank you very much to all of our volunteers who have worked so hard preparing […]

200 Rabbits

29 Aug 2019

Today we reached the 200 rabbit milestone, that’s sadly 200 that we have been unable to save this year and had to turn away, more than we have rehomed in the past 3 years. The situation with unwanted pets increases year on year, leaving rescue centres full and having to turn away animals. So why […]

5 Piggies Rescue

11 Aug 2019

This morning we took delivery of another five pigs, thats 18 we have rescued this year and a total to 14 we currently have at the sanctuary. These group of five are three sisters and two brothers, bred irresponsibly, destined for slaughter had we not rescued them this week. Thank you to Pigs in the Wood for […]

Barn Owl Released

06 Aug 2019

We took in a grounded Barn Owl chick some weeks ago which we have hand reared. Once he was eating food own his own, we moved him to our large aviary, as it’s essential to minimise human contact with wild animals. If they get too tame, this can seriously threaten their chances of survival or […]

Swan Released

03 Aug 2019

Amongst many jobs completed today, we released the male swan we took in last week. He came to us with a large fishing hook through his foot, this caused a lot of swelling and infection. This large boy has been with us for a week whilst on antibiotics, each day he has been getting stronger […]

Meet Smoky and Jet

02 Aug 2019

Meet Smoky and his girlfriend Jet who have come from a school that could no longer care for them. This lovely couple of 7 years are a bonded pair and are now looking for a permanent home, as are three other pairs we have at the rescue. Pigs are highly intelligent, social creatures that should […]