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Rescued Pony

31 May 2015

We have rescued yet another unwanted pony, the country is awash with them!. Up and down the country breeders are unnecessarily putting mares into foal when there is no hope of a future for them unless rescue centres step in. The owner of this pony had hundreds. The breeding had spiralled out of control and […]

Jack and Buttons find a new Home

04 Nov 2012

This weekend we re-homed Jack and Buttons, two Shetland Ponies that were born in April this year and were taken in a few weeks ago. These two little boys are so small, they managed to duck under the fencing and escape from their new home in less than 5 minutes! It didn’t take long to […]

More Ponies Rescued

21 Oct 2012

We have taken on another four ponies, two mothers and their 7 month old foals. The situation is getting so bad with unwanted pets, we were not going to take on any more, but as these were at risk of slaughter, we put out the stops to take them on. The mums are Magic and Dixie, their foals are Jack […]

Willow Needs a Life-Long Home

13 Oct 2012

Willow has been with us for a few weeks now, we rescued him from a life of neglect and cruelty, we didn’t want to commit to yet another mouth to feed, but we had to find space for him somehow. Willow, a male Welsh Pony has been very ill-treated, he has scares from being hit by his former keeper. Despite being horribly […]

Billy and Smartie Looking for a Home

26 Aug 2012

These two guys need a life-long home. We originally rescued them almost two years ago, they were homed but due to a change in circumstances, they were returnded two us. Billy, the smaller of the two Shetland Ponies definitely has small man syndrome, but they are two adorable boys. They currently share a field with 5 turkeys, […]

Rescued – Another 2 Wild Dartmoor Ponies Destined for Slaughter

24 Oct 2011

Each year hundreds of Dartmoor ponies are sent for slaughter, either fed to lions and tigers in zoos or turned into pet food. Even though they are rarer than the great giant panda, they are sent to market in their hundreds and sold for only a few pounds, to the only buyers, the meat traders. Each year we work […]

Dartmoor Ponies Rescued in the nick of time!

19 Mar 2011

Today we rescued 3 Dartmoor Ponies that were due to be shot this morning for pet food! Once more we find this sad situation. Yet again many young Dartmoor Ponies are facing slaughter as the unwanted ponies become animal feed. A century ago 30,000 of these ponies roamed the moors, now just 1,500 remain.  They […]

Billy and Smartie the Shetland Ponies

15 Feb 2011

These two boys Billy 6 years and Smartie 15 years, were originally rescued from owners that had abused them, unfortunately after sometime, the new owner could no longer afford to care for them so they have been taken on by us. As you can imagine having been abused in the past, they need to regain […]

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