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Posted by Jon in News on Saturday 19/08/2017 20:30 UTC.

Meet Cupid & Arrow!

"Cupid" and "Arrow" came to us in February around the times of Valentines Day, but unfortunatly nobody fell in love with them ( or their names!). Brothers at birth, these boys came to us as part of an accidental birth and were labelled unwanted. We simply want to find them a loving home as they look sad with all the "cute" and "pretty" rabbits getting homes. We always find that white rabbits with red eyes have a hard time at being rehomed. ( just becuase of a slight chance of becoming short sighted in the future....or they think they are possessed).

Cupid and Arrow are curious by heart, they love nothing more then bounding around in their run and tunnels. They are playful, often enjoying a good nibble and throw at their toys. Then in the evening they love to snuggle up together in their bed.  Like most rabbits, they aren't very keen at being handled or cuddled but with interaction on the floor they quickly become friends with you. Watch out as they are keen diggers and can be messy!

Both are on the fairly large scale and with them having their 1st birthday they aren't likely to be growing any bigger.They are both up to date with their vaccinations and have both been neuterted.

We are looking for the ideal home that can accommodate two largeish rabbits. (Whether that be a good 6ftx2ftx2ft hutch with a run or free rein of the house.) Can handle skittish rabbits until they become your friend and don't mind their digging or mess!

If you think you can offer Cupid and Arrow a forever loving home, or would like any advice on rabbit keeping. Then please contact us at: ( Please Note we ARE NOT open to the public and an appointment will need to be made for viewing)

Tel: 01773 712999

We are also on facebook!

Please note, a home check will be required and we ask for a minimal donation of £75 for both bunnies to help cover the costs of keep, vaccinations and castrations.

Thankyou and we hope to see you soon!


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