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Mum and 6 Piglets, Rescued from Hell

18 May 2013

Last weekend we took a call from a cat and dog rescue charity that had taken a call about some pigs kept in appalling conditions. We were asked to see if we could take mum and 6 piglets in. We did initially say no, as we are full. We already have 10 pigs and can only take on more, […]

Injured Collard Dove

08 May 2013

This is a lucky Collard dove, we found him at the sanctuary, grounded and  immobilised due to a broken left leg, broken in two places. We swiftly splinted the leg and put him in a cage for rest and rehabilitation. He certainly chose the right place to get a broken leg!  

Rescued Baby Stoat

04 May 2013

Two weeks ago we took in a baby stoat, he was found on a path with a small injury, you can just see the healed wound in this photo. He was very young, had no fur and his eyes still closed, this photo was taken two weeks after the rescue. Here he is now at […]