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Baby Tawny Owl

30 Jun 2011

This beautiful tawny owl chick came to us three weeks ago. She was found at the base of a tree and was on the brink of death. She could not even stand, she was very weak and dehydrated. We started by warming her up in an incubator, then after a few hours and warm, we had to […]

Animal Hospital Sponsored Walk

19 Jun 2011

Today we held a sponsored walk, raising funds for our animal hospital. The event passed of extremely well with much fun to be had by all, a great walk and an opportunity to talk to people whilst helping a great cause. After the two hour walk around the local villages, we returned to the sanctuary for drinks and loads of scrummy vegan cakes! We have […]

Hedgehog Care Course 13th August.

12 Jun 2011

We have so many baby and adult hogs coming in at present that we are now relying heavily on hedgehog and wildlife fosterers.  If you want to know more or are serious about caring for hedgehogs then we would advise people to book onto this course. Lots of people tell us that they want to […]

Hospital Appeal

10 Jun 2011

Today we have formally launched an easy was that you can donate small donations to Brinsley Animal Rescue and what better time now that we are seeking donations to build a Animal Hospital. If you can donate even a small amount via JustTextGiving, it will be put towards our animal hospital where we will treat sick, injured and orphaned animals.

Thanks to Capital One

09 Jun 2011

Today we had the Capital One top team volunteering at the rescue centre. This is the second volunteering day that that Capital One have spent here, they all grafted hard and got a lot of jobs complete that we just haven’t got the time to finish ourselves. Thanks to these guys, we got an aviary […]

Baby Hoglets

08 Jun 2011

Springtime brings all manner of baby animals to our door to be hand reared and hedgehogs are no exception. This little one is one of three being hand reared on milk formula at the moment, in a couple of weeks or so well start to wean off milk onto meat. This time of year is really hard […]

Sammy goes to his new home

05 Jun 2011

Today it was a sad yet happy day as we said good bye to Sammy. We have grown fond of Sammy as we first saw him as a wild Dartmoor Hill Pony, rescued a few months ago. In a short time, he has become very confident as we trained and handled him. Sammy is a […]

Meet Percy Pig

04 Jun 2011

Meet our latest Piggy recruit. Percy was originally an RSPCA case. Percy was found very thin and in poor health, his brother was also very ill and another boar was lying on the ground where he had died. Unfortunately Percy’s brother could not be saved but Percy was seized by the RSPCA and moved to a home where he could […]

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